Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans: Cheat, Hints, and Tricks

Video Game cheats are there for many years, as these game cheats help the player to cross the levels with great ease. Clash of clans is an addictive game.
Many people want to spend much money on this game by purchasing jewelry for a stronger base in short time. But not every player has a lot of money to spend on this game.
Manage the best shields In Clash of Clans
you should know that the shields (or shields in English) are a very important part of the game. So, you need to buy to protect your village when you will be
away. Because when you are attacking, you never lose 100% of your resources, we have to find the best compromise.
Hide elixirs in breakage-bricks
When you are not on Clash of Clans you can you steal your elixirs. If you want to avoid this, create your troops as usual and manufacture up to more
breakage-brick in each of your barracks, in order to lower your number of elixirs. When you return to the game, just to cancel the creation of breakage-
bricks to recover these precious elixirs.
Hide gold and elixirs in corners during fights
When attacking another clan, the game makes a focus on the camp of your enemy without showing the corners. Best if you are attacked and put your elixirs and
gold reserves in the corners of the card. So if your camp is not completely destroyed, you may be lucky to the Preserves.
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Do not always win
Once you have reached level 50, it is sometimes more profitable to lose battles to lower the trophies around 1300. So it will be easier to fight against
compounds villages only a few units. The fighting, you earn normally very quickly, you will make tons of gold.
Put your city hotel in downtown Your city hall, it is a little wonder of Age of Empires. To win an attack, you must destroy more than 50% of the opposing town or simply destroy the city hall. I dvise you to place your most city hotel in the center of your village.
If you want to get quick wins, attack the villages where city halls are not centered. Organize your village intelligently After the town hall built in the
center, we have to build your village intelligently. It is preferable that the latter be as dense as possible, surrounded by numerous turrets to defend your
buildings attacks.
Attack intelligently
Attacking is good. But do not forget to always leave some troops of your clan in your village in case of enemy attack. It would be a shame to end up sacked
when you come to crush a nearby camp. Also, be aware that even if you win, send all your troops are lost and it will recreate them.
Invite your friends to join your Clan
Please login with Facebook or Game Center to invite your friends to join your Clan. However, an invitation is not sufficient since it is necessary that your
contacts have downloaded Clash of Clans, the have launched and are connected to one of these social networks.
Clash of clans cheats for unlimited gems
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Adding gems to infinity
The gems are the first major resources in the game are used to advance players villages. Clash of Clans is free to play, but it contains a primary currency
(in this case the gems) available for purchase, which gives players advantages in the game. Gems can also be used to buy other resources such as gold, the elixir or black in varying amounts. Buying jewelry is very expensive. Our tool adds gems success for your GameCenter account. You get gems to
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I hope these cheats and tricks will help you get more gems. stay updated for more cheats!


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