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Pokemon Go Android Cheats and Tricks

Cheats and Tips Pokemon Go Android Now we show you a series of tricks and aids of Pokemon Go for Android, the fantastic augmented reality game where we will become authentic pokemon masters in our city, and from our site we want to help you to get them all.

New objects: Now in Pokemon Go have introduced five new objects that serve to evolve certain pokemon to become new pokemon of another generation, and in here we know what they are and what they serve so we leave you with the list of objects and what evolutions we can get with them.

Improvement : Evolves to Porygon in Porygon 2.

Solar Stone: It allows us to evolve to Sunkern in Sunflora or to Gloom in Bellosossom.

Dragon Scale: Evolves into Kingra.

Roca del Rey: We can evolve to Slowpoke in Slowking or to Poliwhirl in Politoed.

Metal Coating: Evolve to Onix in Steelix or Scyther to Scizor.

Capture Legendary Pokemon: Some users claim that legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo etc, are spread over areas such as Everet Time Square, or in first place from us we want to deny this false rumor, since the game’s own creators have reported that These pokemon are not yet in the game, to be able to capture these pokemon we must wait for the developers to create a new event, that way they claim that they can get the legendary pokemon, they will create an event in a specific area where they can Visualize the legendary Pokemon in question, so for the moment we must wait to capture them, we must be Pokemaniac patients.

Tips to be the best coach:

– Choose your first pokemon, you can choose between the mythical Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, once captures yours, try to travel to the pokego that are shown on your map with a blue icon, this will give you some pokeball and eggs to continue with your research.

– You must concentrate on capturing all the pokemon you see, at the beginning you will see several pokemon alike, you can send them to the teacher to give you candy and thus to evolve the pokemon.

– If every time you try to catch some pokemon, keep your finger pressed on the pokeball and make turns on it, you will start to take effect, throwing it pokeball will be effective and if we manage to capture the pokemon we will increase the experience gained.

– It is important to look at the color of the rings before throwing your pokeball to a pokemon, if they are green throws the pokeball without fear since it is almost sure to catch it at first, whereas if the rings are colored Orange or red, you will have to calm it before catching it with blackberries, or with another type of pokeball.