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Clash of Clans for iPad/iPhone – Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Black Elixir
The Black Elixir appears and also the troops of Black Elixir were introduced with its dark quarter. At the highest levels of troop upgrades makes Black Elixir extraction very important and its protection essential.

If you leave you can not win, but if
Clash of Clans comes out they are approaching their first birthday, there are some who just were not strong enough to continue in the game. But do not let those who stopped playing from outside, it’s actually super fun to attack them! Stains abandoned villages is actually one of the most important strategies of the game. Some tips are pretty obvious, but others are much more subtle. Learn to all, and you must be good at finding these peoples during your inspection time, your 30 seconds.

What to look for:
Trimmed Tombstones :

Tombstones: These show you that someone else has already drilled the base, which are a good sign that the traps have appeared too.

League Badge: Anyone who has at least the win in the current League 2 weeks will have a Badge League.
It can be said that when you start a new league, because your own league badge will turn white with a dotted line. Spent a few days in a league,
if it encounters clashers without a league badge, it means they are not attacking. That is a good sign that they are not active.

Builders to sleep: Clash of Clans is all about upgrades. Since this is a central aspect of the game, it is rare to find an active player
who does not have builders busy at all times. Look for the “zzz” above the cabin builders. If they are all sleeping, chances are the boss is
gone a long time.

The Gold Mine: I learned about this recently, and it really makes a big difference. If you look closely at the gold mine chart,
you can see a small compartment just to the right of the point on the cart coming out of the mine. This point in reality indicates the amount of gold
found in the gold mine, similar to the visual indicator in the stores. Top-level gold mines take a long time to fill (by level 8 it takes more than a day). Therefore, if you see filled or nearly full gold cubes means that the village is probably abandoned. In the first image the mine is full, in the second it is empty. So he left, so what? Abandoned villages are much easier to attack. The value that appears in the upper left of “robable” resources is likely to be mostly in the collectors, which is usually much easier to achieve.

Idle timeout and device settings:
When your shield has been reduced and you are far from your town, the plunder of your town can be brutal and fast.
There are many and varied defense strategies for Clash of Clans but none compare to being simply connected.
But there is a catch – the waiting time of your device. Usually, a fast standby is a good thing – it saves battery life, which is good for the phone and stuff.

In Clash of Clans the device standby time is more like the instant before heading out to a cornfield running backwards and with the pants down.
Set up your phone with a standby time of 5 minutes or more, and you get the full benefit of the maximum downtime that SuperCell allows. Beyond 5 minutes you will get a message that requires reloading the game.