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Most downloaded free games

If something has been valid in our lives the arrival of smartphones is not to communicate more easily, or to use instant messaging applications, not even to have all the maps of the world at hand. If something has gotten the phones of today of real importance, that is … that we can play our favorite games wherever and whenever! And if you want to know which are the most important games of the moment, here we bring you this list with the most downloaded free games Google Play during the month of April 2016, with apps like, Clash Royale, Dream League, Color Switch , And Piano Tiles 2.
A game that has gone strong in Google Play is in which your karma must be very bad because you have to reincarnate in a worm to compete in a multiplayer game as simple as addictive. In an infinite battlefield, feed on lights to grow and destroy the rest of worms. The more you eat the more you will grow and so you can catch other worms by grabbing them by making a circle around them.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale , a real – time multiplayer title – so you need a network connection to enjoy it – that combines the genres of tower defense and cards , and in which the user must defeat their rivals by finishing their defenses and towers to Earn crowns and get epic coffers. In this way the player must progress through the different sands and make their way to the top while getting and improving a great variety of troops letters , spells and defenses Clash Royale and noble characters, in addition to your troops , Favorite spells and defenses of Clash of Clans.

Dream league
Dream League is undoubtedly one of the best football games you can download today, and so has risen to the top of the list of most downloaded games. Build your team with real players of your favorite teams, and meet people from all over the world to show that yours is the best dream team. There are 6 different divisions and 7 competitions coperas, so that you compete where it is more in line with your level, and from there go up.

Piano Tiles 2
No need for fuss or technology, it quickly mounts in this Top 5 Piano Tiles 2, the second part of a game that has been talked about a lot. It’s to classical music that Guitar Hero is rock. Become a piano prodigy by following the notes that appear on the screen to get the best score . In this second part they have given more color to the game (that was before black and white) and you can compete with players of all the world.

Color Switch
One of those skill games that have been hitting very hard recently is Color Switch , a colorful kick on your screen that forces you to put yourself in charge of a playful little ball that has to be surpassing screens. The ball changes color, and you can only cross the barriers with the same color as yours. Skill and nerves of steel is what it takes to get the best score possible.