Android games with over 100 Million Downloads at Google Play Store

The Android games with more downloads Google Play , with over 100 million installations, they sure are old acquaintances from your mobile or tablet, at least some of them.

If you want to know what these games are concretely, that the children of the house and the not so little ones enjoy every day, we will comment them below. If you have any of them on your android device , leave a comment with which, at the bottom of this article.

The most downloaded android games, over 100 million downloads

We recently saw Android applications with more than one billion downloads , now it’s games with more than 100 million .

These games or rather, this level of shock, are the dream of any game developer or android applications , get to that level of shock ensures a spectacular economic performance , which is the goal or the mirror where to look and reach the Total success, in the Google store.

Under these lines, the progression of apps downloads (engloba games) from the beginning of Google Play . No one misses the resounding success he has become.

Inside the select club of most downloaded games , we will find the classics like Angry Birds or Bust Bubbles , but also others that you will know as Candy Crush saga , Temple Run and of course, the friend Pou , that the children install in the mobiles of The papis / mamis and then they are surprised by the sleep, hunger or discomfort of the pet, which sometimes reaches almost indigence , due to the neglect of their caregivers …

Below you have the complete list of most downloaded games of Google play and its corresponding link in case you do not have any of them and it pique the curiosity of why so many millions of people have downloaded and played:

Clash of Clans
Candy Crush Saga
Subway Surfers
Glow Hockey
Smash-Ants Best Game
Bubble Shoot Bubble Shoot
Billiards – Pool Billiards Pro
Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Rio
Pet Rescue Saga
Jetpack Joyride
Temple run
Fruit Ninja Free
angry Birds
Temple Run 2
Hill Climb Racing