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Clash of Clans for Android Game – Cheats

Clash of Clans Tips / Tricks for Android Here are a few tips / tricks of Clash of Clans for Android and that will certainly make the game much easier.

Get gems for free:
When you buy something in the store and you need to get gems, click on Add gems on the plus sign, next to the amount of stones you have. Cancel and do it 2 more times. After you go to the store and buy something, click on the gems and you will have free gems.

The quickest way to get gems, but not too many, is to clean the area where your base stones, trees, flowers, everything you can clean, sometimes you get gems to clean your base even though they will not be too many, but little You will soon be able to use them to buy a builder’s hut. The pattern that follow the gems is as follows, 6-0-4-5-1-3-2-0-0-5-1-0-3-4-0-0-5-0-1-0, That way when we get to the end of the pattern will start again, this means that when we have removed 20 obstacles we will have 40 gems, so it is important to always be removing as many obstacles as we can see.

Clan Fury:
There are people who try to hack or exploit the game in order to get the gems for free, but at Supercell they are relatively generous in that aspect. You are rewarded with gems for clearing obstacles at your base and for completing achievements.

More space:
If you have a little time invests something improves and you put it in a valid place and you will have more space for other things.

Save the elixir when we are offline:
To save the elixir where it is not possible to obtain large quantities. Just make sure the fields are full and then fill your barracks with bombers. You can get 100,000 offline instead of 300,000 elixir. Go back, then unload the barracks and you will receive all your elixir again.

Get Free Elixer:
This trick only works when you have less than 30 seconds to finish a troop and upgrade a full army. Before thirty seconds to have the troop go to update. Do not forget, before you do this, make sure you have a full army. Then the update will be finalized and Elixir will be available for free.

Attacks Abandoned Villages:
A good way to win is attacking the villages that are abandoned, being a game that is already a few years, there are many players who no longer play to find those abandoned villages we must look at certain details. You can see what you have in the gold mines on the right side of the box is full of coins, just like your elixir extractors.

Best Android 2017 Games

Devices with Android system currently have a number of games with which to have a good time and even some with which to share games between users of the same system.

In Android Basic we are going to give you below a complete list of the 100 best Android games for this 2017 . We will also give you a summary of their characteristics and what each of them consist of and of course, whether they are free or have some kind of added expense.

Best Android 2017 Games

If you like action games, strategy games or sports games you no longer need to have a console to enjoy them. With our mobile device or “smartphone” we can have games that are very complete and also very popular.

I’m sure you’re interested:

Some of the games you will see below are versions of the games released for this 2017 and for consoles, others are specific to Android devices. Of all of them we also leave you a link for downloading.

1-Mortal Kombat X- Free

New delivery of the mythical Mortal Kombat, one of the best fighting games that is also completed with collectible cards. You can form an elite team with Mortal Kombat warriors and participate in the biggest fighting tournament on Earth. You’ll be able to collect some of the most popular fighters like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, among others, and meet new ones.

Download Mortal Kombat X

2-Age of Empires World Domination

Download Age of Empires World Domination (Not available at this time).

Age of Empires will soon arrive exclusively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices, a Free-to-play title that is presented as the next generation of multi-player video games, with real-time strategy that sorpernde us with a new system Of reinvented battle for mobiles. The goal of the game is to create our own empire and dominate the world with the armies of the largest empires. You can play with the best known civilizations of the game, Celts, Vikings, Franks or Huns, with more than 100 legendary heroes to choose from.

3-Fallout Shelter- Free

Download Fallout Shelter (Not available at this time).

An original game in which we will have the mission to manage our own bunker or nuclear refuge in a world plunged by chaos. We will have to resort to memory and intelligence to know how to manage our resources, and to build more and more rooms to improve the skills of its inhabitants, which we will also have to send to the wilderness to carry out missions and to obtain prizes that improve the Life of the community.

4-GTA: San Andreas- Pago

Download GTA: San Andreas

The mythical San Andreas now for Android and with the return of Carl Johnson that returns to the neighborhood in which soon to arrive already is accused of homicide so that it must cross San Andreas to save his family and to gain control of the streets. Fun and assured action.

5-Hitman: Sniper-Paid

Become Agent 47 in this original strategy game in which the characters are part of a model. Your mission will be to move dexterously around the grid to avoid enemies and eliminate your target or infiltrate in well-guarded places, so you must carefully meditate every move.

Download Hitman: Sniper

Android games with over 100 Million Downloads at Google Play Store

The Android games with more downloads Google Play , with over 100 million installations, they sure are old acquaintances from your mobile or tablet, at least some of them.

If you want to know what these games are concretely, that the children of the house and the not so little ones enjoy every day, we will comment them below. If you have any of them on your android device , leave a comment with which, at the bottom of this article.

The most downloaded android games, over 100 million downloads

We recently saw Android applications with more than one billion downloads , now it’s games with more than 100 million .

These games or rather, this level of shock, are the dream of any game developer or android applications , get to that level of shock ensures a spectacular economic performance , which is the goal or the mirror where to look and reach the Total success, in the Google store.

Under these lines, the progression of apps downloads (engloba games) from the beginning of Google Play . No one misses the resounding success he has become.

Inside the select club of most downloaded games , we will find the classics like Angry Birds or Bust Bubbles , but also others that you will know as Candy Crush saga , Temple Run and of course, the friend Pou , that the children install in the mobiles of The papis / mamis and then they are surprised by the sleep, hunger or discomfort of the pet, which sometimes reaches almost indigence , due to the neglect of their caregivers …

Below you have the complete list of most downloaded games of Google play and its corresponding link in case you do not have any of them and it pique the curiosity of why so many millions of people have downloaded and played:

Clash of Clans
Candy Crush Saga
Subway Surfers
Glow Hockey
Smash-Ants Best Game
Bubble Shoot Bubble Shoot
Billiards – Pool Billiards Pro
Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Rio
Pet Rescue Saga
Jetpack Joyride
Temple run
Fruit Ninja Free
angry Birds
Temple Run 2
Hill Climb Racing

Top Simulation games for Android that you should try once playing

Most of us like games that abstract us from reality for a while and take us to fantastic and imaginary worlds. But there are also games that pretend exactly the opposite, that is, simulate reality as much as possible so you can have a credible experience on things like flying a plane or gardening. If you fancy getting into the flesh of other professionals do not miss this list with the top ten simulation games for Android , where we will move away from the typical flight simulators or car racing and we will see applications as F- Yes Space Shuttle, Absolute RC Plane Yes, Farming Simulator, Extreme Forklifting, Demolition Master 3D, Train Yes, Truck 3D Driver,

F-Sim Space Shuttle
A classic of the simulators are the flight simulators . But to start this list we will fly a little higher and we will go to the stars with F-Sim Space Shuttle . Actually we are going to return from the stars, because it is about landing a space shuttle in a very realistic environment and with great graphic level . Sit in the cockpit, take the controls and watch your flight from different angles to make a perfect landing.

Absolute RC Plane Yes
Another different flight simulator is Absolute RC Plane Sim , and it’s different because it really is about flying model aircraft . You will have the controls of your model on the screen of your device to perform perfect maneuvers and incredible acrobatics. And you can not only pilot different aircraft models, but also other vehicles such as helicopters and motorboats.

Farming Simulator
But in this list of simulators we have said that we are going to be creative, so we will stop driving and start doing more curious things, like what Farming Simulator proposes to us . Explore a totally open world where you have to run your own farm , choosing seeds, controlling the cycles of days and seasons, managing the agricultural machinery yourself … all to get the best harvest in the world.

Extreme Forklifting
But if we talk about curious simulators you can not miss this Extreme Forklifting . If you are tired of being a successful lawyer and what you have always wanted is to work in a warehouse, now you have the opportunity to live it in first person transporting all the goods from the warehouse effectively with the help of your forklift . You will have all the controls on your screen to prove that you are the king of the wheelbarrows.

Demolition Master 3D
Have you always wanted to play with dynamite, but your mother never bought it for you? Now you can know how it feels to demolish real buildings thanks to the Demolition Master 3D simulator . It is a game based on physics in which you must put loads of dynamite correctly to carry out perfect demolitions. You have different types of explosives and different scenarios to become an expert in demolitions.

Most downloaded Mobile games in 2016

The 2016 ranking of Uptodown Android games is headed by Clash of Clans (18.4 million), Pokemon GO (15.2 million) and Subway Surfers (8.8 million).

2016 has been the consecration of mobile devices as gaming platforms to the point of putting in the background dedicated markets such as portable video game consoles. It is estimated that during 2016 will have generated 36 billion dollars in profits only in mobile devices, 37 percent of the total revenue from the video game market in all its facets, according to the agency Newzoo .

Uptodown, the largest international download portal for mobile applications behind Google Play, has released a list of the most downloaded Android games for 2016. With more than 120 million hits per month and Alexa’s top 150 in the world, Uptodown Erected as a reference in the study of trends of the market passes smartphones. 88 percent of Uptodown traffic is topped by the Android system, with more than 1300 million downloads on this platform alone – 65 percent more than the year before.

With all these data has been elaborated a ranking with the 10 most downloaded games, as well as a list divided by categories and an infographic in which the most relevant data of the top are exposed.

The three most downloaded games are Clash of Clans (18.4 million), Pokemon GO (15.2 million) and Subway Surfers (8.8 million). Within the top 20, EA Mobile is the most lavish studio with four games, followed by King and Outfit 7 with two titles. As for the origin of the developers, six come from the United States.

Action / Adventure

A category as anarchic as interesting. If you have to catalog a game within the ambit of the adventure, Pokemon GO definitely takes the palm, because even with the drop in downloads since its launch in late summer, is still among the three most downloaded games. It is followed by the incombustible Minecraft, visible since the Pocket Edition demo is no longer available on Google Play, and the sleek fighting and martial arts game Shadow Fight 2.

1. Pokémon GO | to download

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition | to download

3. Shadow Fight 2 | to download


Another classic on the list is Subway Surfers, which continues to dominate the list of skill games, where there is a complete hegemony of the sub-genre of endless runners . The fun Hill Climb Racing lags behind with its second part just published, while the second part of Temple Run has supplanted its predecessor with equal success.

1. Subway Surfers | to download

2. Hill Climb Racing | to download

3. Temple Run 2 | Download


Without much change in this respect in this category compared to previous years. The interactive animals from the Outfit 7 studio take the palm with My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, followed by the inexhaustible virtual pet Pou.

1. My Talking Tom | to download

2. Pou | to download

3. My Talking Angela | Download


For the third consecutive year, the King study leads in its unrivaled field to face it. The unbeatable Candy Crush Saga is followed by variants that take advantage of its formula of success with minor changes. In fact, we could almost consider “”Soda”” as an additional level package for the former.

1. Candy Crush Saga | to download

2. Candy Crush Soda Saga to download

3. Farm Heroes Saga | Download


For the first time, the FIFA saga does not crown this ranking, Dream League Soccer having that honor, a football manager whose main difference from its competitor is to work correctly on outdated devices. The curiosity of this section is in the persistence of FIFA 14 in the top when running on devices with Android 2.3 or higher.

1. Dream League Soccer | to download

2. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team | to download

3. FIFA 14 | Download


The hegemony of the Supercell studio is indisputable in this section. After triumphing with Clash of Clans and similar products like Boom Beach, in early 2016 Clash Royale was launched, a spin off of its most successful product that adapts the mechanics of the MOBA to the realm of smartphones. The success has been resounding considering that it is among the five most downloaded titles.

1. Clash of Clans | to download

2. Clash Royale | to download

3. Boom Beach | to download