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Clash of Clans for Android Game – Cheats

Clash of Clans Tips / Tricks for Android Here are a few tips / tricks of Clash of Clans for Android and that will certainly make the game much easier.

Get gems for free:
When you buy something in the store and you need to get gems, click on Add gems on the plus sign, next to the amount of stones you have. Cancel and do it 2 more times. After you go to the store and buy something, click on the gems and you will have free gems.

The quickest way to get gems, but not too many, is to clean the area where your base stones, trees, flowers, everything you can clean, sometimes you get gems to clean your base even though they will not be too many, but little You will soon be able to use them to buy a builder’s hut. The pattern that follow the gems is as follows, 6-0-4-5-1-3-2-0-0-5-1-0-3-4-0-0-5-0-1-0, That way when we get to the end of the pattern will start again, this means that when we have removed 20 obstacles we will have 40 gems, so it is important to always be removing as many obstacles as we can see.

Clan Fury:
There are people who try to hack or exploit the game in order to get the gems for free, but at Supercell they are relatively generous in that aspect. You are rewarded with gems for clearing obstacles at your base and for completing achievements.

More space:
If you have a little time invests something improves and you put it in a valid place and you will have more space for other things.

Save the elixir when we are offline:
To save the elixir where it is not possible to obtain large quantities. Just make sure the fields are full and then fill your barracks with bombers. You can get 100,000 offline instead of 300,000 elixir. Go back, then unload the barracks and you will receive all your elixir again.

Get Free Elixer:
This trick only works when you have less than 30 seconds to finish a troop and upgrade a full army. Before thirty seconds to have the troop go to update. Do not forget, before you do this, make sure you have a full army. Then the update will be finalized and Elixir will be available for free.

Attacks Abandoned Villages:
A good way to win is attacking the villages that are abandoned, being a game that is already a few years, there are many players who no longer play to find those abandoned villages we must look at certain details. You can see what you have in the gold mines on the right side of the box is full of coins, just like your elixir extractors.