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Cheats for NBA 2K17 Xbox One

Getting VC Fast: The best way to get VC is in My Race mode, we must perform all the events that we can and go to the support meetings, if we complete as many as we can win enough VC, also if we think we can play games in the My Career mode On the difficulty hall of fame
to get about 1000 VC per game, depends a little on the type of match you make.

– The best we can do to defend the players who are super stars of the rival team, is to use the best defensive players of your team,
to mark them through the options of coach, that way you will have a better defense to face you the best.
– Each team has different rotation movements, called Pick And Roll, you can use them with the button and then select one with the left
analog to perform them. – Never try to perform a counterattack if you have not managed to catch a defensive rebound, steal the ball or make a block,
because if you try before the ball is sure you can not but add points in the score of the opponent.

– If you press a rebound pass, and if you hit twice in a row, it will be a fast pass.
– When pressing the we make a normal pass, is not usually dangerous in our field or outside the line of 3,
but within the area is best to make chopped passes.
– With the we make a pass over the head, while if we press twice in a row we make the famous Alley Oop so that our pivot crush the hoop.
– If you want to make the typical wall pass, you must keep pressing the move and release it when you want to make the wall, when you release the pass.
– With the button we can make a play of Pick and Roll, and if we press it again after the play we will leave the position or we will rotate of an early form.