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Best Android 2017 Games

Devices with Android system currently have a number of games with which to have a good time and even some with which to share games between users of the same system.

In Android Basic we are going to give you below a complete list of the 100 best Android games for this 2017 . We will also give you a summary of their characteristics and what each of them consist of and of course, whether they are free or have some kind of added expense.

Best Android 2017 Games

If you like action games, strategy games or sports games you no longer need to have a console to enjoy them. With our mobile device or “smartphone” we can have games that are very complete and also very popular.

I’m sure you’re interested:

Some of the games you will see below are versions of the games released for this 2017 and for consoles, others are specific to Android devices. Of all of them we also leave you a link for downloading.

1-Mortal Kombat X- Free

New delivery of the mythical Mortal Kombat, one of the best fighting games that is also completed with collectible cards. You can form an elite team with Mortal Kombat warriors and participate in the biggest fighting tournament on Earth. You’ll be able to collect some of the most popular fighters like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, among others, and meet new ones.

Download Mortal Kombat X

2-Age of Empires World Domination

Download Age of Empires World Domination (Not available at this time).

Age of Empires will soon arrive exclusively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices, a Free-to-play title that is presented as the next generation of multi-player video games, with real-time strategy that sorpernde us with a new system Of reinvented battle for mobiles. The goal of the game is to create our own empire and dominate the world with the armies of the largest empires. You can play with the best known civilizations of the game, Celts, Vikings, Franks or Huns, with more than 100 legendary heroes to choose from.

3-Fallout Shelter- Free

Download Fallout Shelter (Not available at this time).

An original game in which we will have the mission to manage our own bunker or nuclear refuge in a world plunged by chaos. We will have to resort to memory and intelligence to know how to manage our resources, and to build more and more rooms to improve the skills of its inhabitants, which we will also have to send to the wilderness to carry out missions and to obtain prizes that improve the Life of the community.

4-GTA: San Andreas- Pago

Download GTA: San Andreas

The mythical San Andreas now for Android and with the return of Carl Johnson that returns to the neighborhood in which soon to arrive already is accused of homicide so that it must cross San Andreas to save his family and to gain control of the streets. Fun and assured action.

5-Hitman: Sniper-Paid

Become Agent 47 in this original strategy game in which the characters are part of a model. Your mission will be to move dexterously around the grid to avoid enemies and eliminate your target or infiltrate in well-guarded places, so you must carefully meditate every move.

Download Hitman: Sniper

Most popular Video games of 2016

A report from Uptodown establishes which were the most popular video games of the year that is finished. The winners? Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go.

During 2016, $ 36 billion was generated in profits only on mobile devices, 37% of total revenues from the video game market. Whether with direct purchases or in-app transactions, it is the games that move the smartphone apps market. The Uptodown portal, the second largest market for Android applications after Google Play, published a list of the most downloaded games during 2016.

The three most downloaded games are Clash of Clans (18.4 million installations), Pokemon GO (15.2 million) and Subway Surfers (8.8 million).

Disaggregated by categories, in Action / Adventure, the ranking is led by Pokémon Go, followed by Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Shadow Fight 2. As for casual games, talking animals lead the way. My Talking Tom was the most downloaded, followed by Pou and My Talking Angela.

Most Expected and Upcoming Playstation 4 releases of 2017

Kingdom Come: DeliveranceNew role-playing in first person medieval and open world environment designed with CryEngine 3 graphics engine.

Outlast 2
Return to the Mountain Massive asylum to face the Outlast terror again. A sequel that explores elements that were left out of the first adventure.

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th: The Game brings us back to this well-known horror character in an asymmetric one-on-one online experience. Survive the night in the fields of Crystal Lake, if esque do not die in the attempt.

The ex
It is a video game set in a universe of post-apocalyptic fantasy, with different original characters and mutants as well as a plot full of action and moral choices.

Project Cars 2
The Project Cars saga brings its second installment with 200 different tracks distributed in 50 locations (land, gravel, snow, mud …) with cycle day and night and variable climate, as well as more than 200 vehicles of 40 different classes and eight disciplines .

NieR: Automata
Second installment of the famous game of Nier, the saga returns with more action than ever, waves of enemies to be defeated only with our swords and abilities.

RPG action retro style that makes an addictive and classic playable experience based on the cleaning of creature-infested dungeons. The game mixes the Dark Souls style with the mythical Devil, always within a pixel art style.

The Surge
The Surge is a role-playing game where we will see ourselves in a dystopian future where machines have caused the great majority of humanity to lose their jobs, the earth is nearing its end and for this, humans with the help of exoskeletons will have to work Hard in the suburbs, …

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
We find a successor of Castlevania where we will see a game of gothic atmosphere that mixes styles of action, platforms, role and exploration in a new adventure where we will have to face our enemies without any fear.

Lords of the Fallen 2
The sequel to Lords of the Fallen is already under development, says executive producer Tomasz Gop for the development of the next saga is still unknown but is believed to be released in 2017.

The pillars of the earth
The famous novel that we have all seen, The Pillars of the Earth, that great book, both in content and in size reaches our platforms in the form of graphic adventure that according to its responsible is perfect for those who have read.

Oddworld: Soulstorm
New delivery of the Oddworld saga, where now our beloved Abe must guide his people towards freedom, we will see new cinematic, playable mechanics and puzzles, we will also see a more violent and desperate Abe, who tried with all his means to guide his people For a more …

Agents of Mayhem
Discover a new and amazing universe of comic book heroes full of unforgettable characters, while MAYHEM Agents fight the sinister forces of LEGION in a new fantasy in an open world

God of War 4
The well-known saga of God of War returns to the charge in a new game set in the nordic mythology where now we will be able to see to Kratos with its small son facing numerous enemies while trying to lead a quiet life by living scenes and living full of life.

Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA 5 PC Cheats

Unlock the Kraken Submarine:To unlock the Kraken submarine you have to complete the mission of photography, for this you take photos of the 20 types of animals that are all over the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The Kraken submarine is exclusive of the version of GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Easy way to get money in the bag:
Before starting the mission “The murder of the hotel” invests all the money that each character has in BetaPharmaceuticals in the stock market called BAWSAQ. Once you have completed the mission check the actions and you will see that you have gotten a lot of pasta with each character, now sell them.

Cadaver is discovered on the bottom of the sea:
Now we show you a curious video where we will see in the bottom of the sea a corpse, in GTA 5, by the vision that we have of the corpse we can see that it has been punished as it was in the time of the great ganster, covering his feet of cement and Tying her hands and then throwing him alive to the sea, it seems that she was a woman, in the video we show the exact location of where we can find the body.

Health and Armor to the Maximum:
GTA 5 weapon and health trick. With this code you can increase your armor and health to the maximum.

Invincibility: This invincibility trick lasts 5 minutes and is not valid for vehicles, just for Trevor, Michael and Franklig.

Pokemon Go Android Cheats and Tricks

Cheats and Tips Pokemon Go Android Now we show you a series of tricks and aids of Pokemon Go for Android, the fantastic augmented reality game where we will become authentic pokemon masters in our city, and from our site we want to help you to get them all.

New objects: Now in Pokemon Go have introduced five new objects that serve to evolve certain pokemon to become new pokemon of another generation, and in here we know what they are and what they serve so we leave you with the list of objects and what evolutions we can get with them.

Improvement : Evolves to Porygon in Porygon 2.

Solar Stone: It allows us to evolve to Sunkern in Sunflora or to Gloom in Bellosossom.

Dragon Scale: Evolves into Kingra.

Roca del Rey: We can evolve to Slowpoke in Slowking or to Poliwhirl in Politoed.

Metal Coating: Evolve to Onix in Steelix or Scyther to Scizor.

Capture Legendary Pokemon: Some users claim that legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo etc, are spread over areas such as Everet Time Square, or in first place from us we want to deny this false rumor, since the game’s own creators have reported that These pokemon are not yet in the game, to be able to capture these pokemon we must wait for the developers to create a new event, that way they claim that they can get the legendary pokemon, they will create an event in a specific area where they can Visualize the legendary Pokemon in question, so for the moment we must wait to capture them, we must be Pokemaniac patients.

Tips to be the best coach:

– Choose your first pokemon, you can choose between the mythical Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, once captures yours, try to travel to the pokego that are shown on your map with a blue icon, this will give you some pokeball and eggs to continue with your research.

– You must concentrate on capturing all the pokemon you see, at the beginning you will see several pokemon alike, you can send them to the teacher to give you candy and thus to evolve the pokemon.

– If every time you try to catch some pokemon, keep your finger pressed on the pokeball and make turns on it, you will start to take effect, throwing it pokeball will be effective and if we manage to capture the pokemon we will increase the experience gained.

– It is important to look at the color of the rings before throwing your pokeball to a pokemon, if they are green throws the pokeball without fear since it is almost sure to catch it at first, whereas if the rings are colored Orange or red, you will have to calm it before catching it with blackberries, or with another type of pokeball.