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Top Simulation games for Android that you should try once playing

Most of us like games that abstract us from reality for a while and take us to fantastic and imaginary worlds. But there are also games that pretend exactly the opposite, that is, simulate reality as much as possible so you can have a credible experience on things like flying a plane or gardening. If you fancy getting into the flesh of other professionals do not miss this list with the top ten simulation games for Android , where we will move away from the typical flight simulators or car racing and we will see applications as F- Yes Space Shuttle, Absolute RC Plane Yes, Farming Simulator, Extreme Forklifting, Demolition Master 3D, Train Yes, Truck 3D Driver,

F-Sim Space Shuttle
A classic of the simulators are the flight simulators . But to start this list we will fly a little higher and we will go to the stars with F-Sim Space Shuttle . Actually we are going to return from the stars, because it is about landing a space shuttle in a very realistic environment and with great graphic level . Sit in the cockpit, take the controls and watch your flight from different angles to make a perfect landing.

Absolute RC Plane Yes
Another different flight simulator is Absolute RC Plane Sim , and it’s different because it really is about flying model aircraft . You will have the controls of your model on the screen of your device to perform perfect maneuvers and incredible acrobatics. And you can not only pilot different aircraft models, but also other vehicles such as helicopters and motorboats.

Farming Simulator
But in this list of simulators we have said that we are going to be creative, so we will stop driving and start doing more curious things, like what Farming Simulator proposes to us . Explore a totally open world where you have to run your own farm , choosing seeds, controlling the cycles of days and seasons, managing the agricultural machinery yourself … all to get the best harvest in the world.

Extreme Forklifting
But if we talk about curious simulators you can not miss this Extreme Forklifting . If you are tired of being a successful lawyer and what you have always wanted is to work in a warehouse, now you have the opportunity to live it in first person transporting all the goods from the warehouse effectively with the help of your forklift . You will have all the controls on your screen to prove that you are the king of the wheelbarrows.

Demolition Master 3D
Have you always wanted to play with dynamite, but your mother never bought it for you? Now you can know how it feels to demolish real buildings thanks to the Demolition Master 3D simulator . It is a game based on physics in which you must put loads of dynamite correctly to carry out perfect demolitions. You have different types of explosives and different scenarios to become an expert in demolitions.