Saving resources: Warehouses vs Minas
As you have more experience in attacking and defending, it makes sense to learn the mathematics behind how many resources are vulnerable.

Only 20% of gold / Elixir kept in warehouses can be stolen by assault, this compares to 50% of gold / Elixir stored in the mines. Likewise, only 5% of Dark Elixir stored in dark Elixir storage can be stolen, compared to 75% of Dark Elixir stored in the holes. Collector of Resources Caps: Gold / Elixir kept in stores has a maximum cap of 198K resources that can be stolen by assault. Collectors do not have that limit. Similarly, the Dark Storage Elixir has a 2k cap and the Dark Elixir Drill has no such limit. This means that every time you visit your village and move resources to your stores, you are greatly increasing the percentage that is safe. This makes it a very good idea to empty all the manifolds when the shield is about to run out even if you really do not have time to attack. Taking these percentages into account can also help you analyze the villages for attacks, especially from the “Revenge” point of view, where you have plenty of time and you can see the actual amounts in each store.

For many, XBow can be an intimidating defense. Shooting fast and has a great variety, which can really destroy an attacking force. One of the keys to a lot of Clash of Clans Strategies is just to know when your opponent is weak, and by the XBow SuperCell offers two great visual clues.

XBow empty: When you see an XBow without “string” are empty. Some other boss I carry with the arrows in the face and private areas. Empty XBows pose no threat at all, but keep in mind that giants and balloons will continue to target them.

XBow Angle: The XBow has two values, and either can be targeted to hit both ground and air targets, or set “Level” to attack only ground troops. When in the “level” position, It can not attack aerial targets at all. This means that dragons, balloons, subordinates, and healers have nothing to fear. When it has an angle the range is also reduced slightly, both by land and air, but it is still significant.

Remaining Value Shield:
The shields play a very important role in the game, and if it is agriculture you will want to invite the attackers to take a free star and give it a 12 hour protection, leaving your town hall in the cold as we have previously recommended. Shields are great because they give you a lot of time for the mines to accumulate some money without the constant bombardment of the attackers, but the more you play, the more often you find yourself asking “Do I have to leave my remaining shield time or attack ? ” The answer comes down to how refreshing your collectors are, and how long you have to shield. As you can see, even with six fully updated collectors, you do not stand to do much even with a full 16 hour shield. With a little luck, You are likely to be able to do the same amount of resources with some consecutive raids. This is especially true when less than 8 hours is kept on your shield, since it is close to what you can get from a good raid. Another proof that exposing the City Hall is the way to go to get many resources.

This is a pretty simple trick that most veterans know. The barracks and the Black barracks that allow troops in queue for training, up to a maximum that depends on their level of update. In addition to being a way of hiding resources (as mentioned in the Dark Elixir Bank above), this also serves as a time saver when you are away from your village. It is particularly useful in two scenarios.

– The top of the tail: Certain units like Dragons and PEKKA have a fairly long time. If they are in queue, then the troop at the top of the queue will process your waiting time, even if you do not have room for it.